PRIAPO “Πρίαπος”

Ancient Greek goddess, symbol of the sexual instinct, the male generative force and fecundity and fertility of nature. main center of the cult of Priapus was Lampsaco Hellespont, where it spread and flourished especially in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Son of Dionysus and Aphrodite, each year was sacrificed an ass, according to a ritual established by the Priapus. His cult was strongly associated with the world of agriculture and the protection of herds, fish, bees and vegetable gardens. In Italy it was especially revered as the guardian of the orchards and gardens, where it placed its images, with an accentuated phallic character.


The aim of Priapo foundation is to provide a credit access to the weakest social groups and the most disadvantaged areas, in order to develop some projects by which people can take part in the social, economic and political community growth actively and responsibly, also to guarantee an adequate growth for the children. The foundation is based on an ethically-oriented finance, which is able to guarantee an impartial economic development, that would also be respectful to both human and environmental rights by maintaining the honest capacity of ecosystem regeneration.


Towards credit beneficiaries, the foundation commits to be transparent and objective in credit checks analysis, to evaluate projects feasibility which must be financed not only according to patrimonial and economical criteria, but also according to their ability of generating actual benefits for the territory in which they are being achieved, by firstly taking into account children’s rights. Lastly, it also commits to support the business growth and social responsibility process of the funded organizations, by supervising all their relationships according to clarity, promptness, and service effiency criteria.


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